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2016 - 2018
Impact Area: Improve Health & Wellbeing; Build Inclusive Communities

The Mental Health Matters (MHM) Project was a three part series of filmed discussions set within the Caribbean context, with the mission of improving dialogue on the causes and potential treatments of relevant mental health issues in our region, by showcasing a range of mental health practitioners and the mechanisms they use to enhance overall quality of life. The three series conducted were:

MHM Series 1- Depression (November 2016)

MHM Series 2: Disaster Resilience (January 2018)

MHM Series 3: Building Better Men (October 2018)

As a special feature on series 3, to connect with our target demographic of young men ages 13 - 18, we used the learnings of this video discussion as the basis for a series of dramatised school visits in conjunction with local theatre and grassroots culture groups which, through educative theatre, challenged commonly accepted behaviours that are not aligned to values that promote equity and tolerance.


 Hub members attending the Building Better Men session at the Medulla Art Gallery. 

45880199_2044351399188308_5385502055580303360_n copy.jpeg

Panel discussion at the Building Better Men session at the Medulla Art Gallery.

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