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Who Are We?

Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional, and global challenges. Founded in 2014, The Port of Spain Hub is a microcosm of its home city; diverse, colourful, and brimming with energy to drive change in Trinidad and Tobago. Shaper Year 2022-2023 focuses on 3 Impact Areas- Creating Inclusive Communities, Reskilling for the Future and Good Health and Wellbeing.

The Global Shapers Community is dedicated to driving progress in the following Impact areas:

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I - Build Inclusive Communities

Creating inclusive communities, where there is an understanding among citizens, requires strong partnerships and a rigorous defence of Human Rights.  Projects in this impact area look to progress social norms by challenging and disrupting harmful  stereotypes related to diverse identities, such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.

S - Reskill for the Future

While the speed and scale of technological advances offer serious benefits,  such as more secure digital processes or the use of artificial intelligence to predict diseases more accurately, they also threaten to disenfranchise those without the skills or access to digital tools.  Projects in this area will provide people from all walks of life with digital literacy and other educational opportunities relevant for thriving in a dynamic workplace and society.

H - Improve Health & Wellbeing

According to the World Health Organization, “good health” encompasses a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Yet, individuals and communities around the world still lack access even to basic health information and health services. The situation is especially dire in mental health due to the persisting stigmatisation. Global Shapers will continue to respond to the variety of challenges related to public health,  and through the projects in this area will improve the physical, mental and social well-being of citizens.

A - Deliver basic needs

The Global Shapers Community delivers projects for short- and long-term impact.  Addressing basic needs involves projects that respond to immediate crises, such as humanitarian action, but also to fighting extreme,  and enduring poverty.

P - Protect The Planet

Our planet needs protecting. To ensure a sustainable future in which people and planet can thrive in harmony, this impact area is dedicated to such projects as responding to natural disasters,  mitigating the consequences of climate change, reducing emissions, preserving biodiversity and accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

E - Strengthen Civic Engagement

Integrity, fairness and transparency are values that generate trust in public institutions and strengthen civic engagement. It is essential that young people engage in public life to offer their perspectives and influence decisions that have a profound impact on their lives.  Projects belonging to this impact area deal with empowering minority groups,  mobilising citizens of all ages to vote,  inspiring young people to run for civic positions and driving dialogue between a variety of stakeholder groups.

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