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Impact Area: Improve Health & Wellbeing, Strengthen Civic Engagement

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago,  “Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate” was a social media campaign in response to suboptimal COVID-19 vaccination uptake. The series featured GSPOS members sharing why they got vaccinated which included stories of pragmatism, humour and personal loss. The campaign amassed nearly 100,000 views across our social media platforms. Write-ups included information on COVID-19 trends and variants and explained concepts such as herd immunity.


Shapers encouraged our viewership to protect themselves, their loved ones and the wider community in the fight against a raging and deadly virus. Some of our members also volunteered at a mass COVID-19 vaccination site as part of this initiative to help increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Trinidad and Tobago.

Group Videos

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Don't Hesitate, Vaccinate.jpg

Hub members (L-R) Chandelle O’Niel, Kurba Marie Questelles and Jade Murray volunteering at a COVID-19 mass vaccination site.

Don't Hesitate, Vaccinate 2.jpg

BTS of our Shapers video recording session for “Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate”

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